Lets go to BROMO !

Everybody wants Bromo !!. So do me and my others friends. Well, one of them is my boyfriend 😀

So we planed to go to Bromo with my car.

Start from Semarang, me, nischa, and Daniel drove the car along the north beach way or we called it Pantura for about 14 hours. Yes, 14 hours !!. We got Bromo by Malang and rested in Tosari village, the first village that we could reach by Malang way.

Searched for a hostel for three, and finally we got the cheapest but same quality with others. For one night we paid 150.000 rupiahs. We got king size bed, breakfast snack, water heater, and TV.

And after we took a break and unpacked our stuffs, what we did next was…took a pict of us!. Hahaha.

Our hostel owners also have a jeep rental and a gazebo, the place that we could drink our hot tea while enjoying the super beautiful view. The mountains, the forests, the farms. Wahahaha! Our super long journey from Semarang were equal with these.

Because we arrived at 7 am we couldn’t get the Bromo Jeep tour, because the tour always start at 2 am. Yeah, 2 am at these zuper cold. So we joined the next tour in next day. So, for first day what we did is just walking along the village, played at the farm of cabbage and read my book in Gazebo. What a beautiful life !

 (me at the gazebo)

(the view from gazebo)

The next day was coming. As we know it, we were being woke up at 2 am for the tour. The tour was journey to Penanjakan ( the place that we could see the peak of Bromo mountain), Bromo, whisper sand (the desert that whisper a beautiful sound to your ears), and the savannah.

To access the all of  Bromo things, if we don’t want to use the travel tour, you can bring your own Jeep to Bromo, because only Jeep that may enter the Bromo region. First, we went to Penanjakan, the place that we could see the Bromo peak. Because that was at 2 am we could see anything but trees, pine trees, and the farms.

Arrived at Penanjakan, we were definetely in cold !! Then we asked our driver about the temperature, and he answered ‘’0 degrees’’ !!. For tropic people like us, 0 degrees are so damn cold. We use triple layer of jacket, pashminas, and we still rent a coat to made our body warm. Waited for a sunrise, all we do is rabbit jumping to warm our body. At 5 am sadly we couldn’t see clearly the Bromo peak, because it was cloudy.

 (Daniel wearing triple jackets, blanket, and the rent coat)

 (cloudy at Penanjakan)

(me again with Nischa at Penanjakan)

After we done with Penanjakan, we went down to see Bromo mountains and crater of Bromo. About one hour we spend the road with a superb view. And welcome to Bromo !! I was speechless and agree with Daniel when he said “Its same. With the picture in my calender”. hahahaha.

(i give you Bromo)

After we were done enjoying the Bromo mountains, we would go to crater of Bromo. To reach the crater we have to climb 202 stairs. (and yes I counted them). The way to got there, we saw a pile a vulcanic in our way.

(Nischa at the vulcanic)

(climb the stairs)

(the crater of Bromo)

Becareful when you reach the top of the stairs, usually the domestics got some vertigo or hypotention. So better you prepare your fit body when you go to Bromo.

After all, Bromo is 4,5 of 5. Its great, the view is wonderful, and the people is friendly. You should try this, man. . .


One response to “Lets go to BROMO !

  1. Pondok Pertanian Tajung “tosari”
    Dalam rangka Memperkenalkan ” Tengger-Bromo” dr segala aspek, dengan ini kami buka pondok pertanian tanjung-tosari unt umum, dng hanya membayar ‘sukarela’ (tanpa tarif)

    Pondok pertaniaan tanjung terletak di dukuh: Tanjung rt.03. rw.03.(KM 99) desa: Baledono. kec: Tosari. kab: Pasuruan Ja-Tim. (Km. 99. dari Surabaya)
    Akses menuju pondok pertanian tanjung: dari ‘Pasuruan’ ambil arah malang smp di ‘Warungdowo’ (-+ 7km) belok kiri smp ‘Ranggeh’ belok kanan menuju ‘Pasrepan’ >>> ‘Puspo’ >>> melewati hutan2 mahoni dan pinus smp dukuh ‘Jonggo” >>> melewati hutan pinus smp ketemu rumah pertama lansung belok kiri turun kebawah, ” Pondok Pertanian Tanjung” terletak di sebelah kiri jalan dr pasuruan di Km.99 . Kurang lebih 7 km sebelum kec: Tosari.

    @.kamar los + 2 km mandi luar kapst: 8 s/d 16 orang, cukup memasukan dana “sukarela” ke kotak dana perawatan pondok pertanian. (tanpa tarif)
    @.kamar utama + km mandi dalam + perapian, kapst: 2 s/d 4 orang. Rp.150.000,- /malam

    *.fasilitas:.dapur,. kulkas,. ruang makan,. teras (4 x 12 m),. halaman api unggun,. tempat parkir unt 6 mobil,. kebun sayur.
    *.bisa masak sendiri dng menganti LPG dsb..Rp.30.000,-
    * dimasakkan prasmanan Rp.20.000,- 1x.makan. ( nego)

    # untuk informasi hub per sms/tlp: 081249244733 – 085608326673 ( Elie – Sulis ) 081553258296 (Dudick). 0343-571144 (pondok pertanian).
    # Informasi di Facebook dengan nama : Bromo Tanjung Pondok Pertanian

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