Cheers from Jatim Park 2

One of the Indonesia provinces, East Java has new place recommendation for leisure. Different with previous Jatim Park 1 which fullfill your fun with the adrenaline rides, Jatim Park 2 brings back the nature and history.
Jatim Park 2 devides into three, the museum, the tree look a like hotel, and the zuperrr exciting zoo.

First, goes to the museum.
The museum contents of the metamorphosis genetics of fauna. Animals since 1000 BC until now. The beauty of butterflies, reptiles, and another incredible beautiful of fauna are include.

Take a breath and go to the zoo !.
I believe if you bring your little sister or your children you’ll be bombarded by questions. A lots of unique fauna here. The zoo is devided by the type of the animals. Insect, reptiles, mammals, sea life, and the most I like is the africa zone. About two hours got around, there are some food court and mini game zone. Prepare your lunch box and of course water.

This Jatim Park 2 is located in Raya Oro-Oro Ombo street No 9 – Batu city – East Java. Open from 10 am – 5 pm.
The ticket price for Jatim Park 2 and others detail contact the sites :


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