Quick Escape – Dusun Bambu Leisure Park !

Perfect Getaway for you in Bandung or Jakarta !

Hi All.
Been a while not writing any in my own blog.
Short story, start in January, I transformed from college student into daily worker who lived in Jakarta. Yeeaay !

As you know, as a worker now I have a boring daily life. Wake up – go to office – back to home – tired of work and traffic – enjoy a TV show – then sleep. And that’s make me bored. And I thought I need some refreshment in weekend.

So I go to Bandung, and chosed Dusun Bambu as a perfect place to chill.
Dusun Bamu – is a family leisure park with fancy place to eat, play, enjoy, and of course relax.
It’s locate in Kolonel Masturi street KM 11 – Cisarua. If you guys know Villa Istana Bunga, its about 10minutes from there to Dusun Bambu, and 45 minutes from Bandung central city to Dusun Bambu.
The road was not so good. In front of Kampung Gajah, there was a lot of holes that might slow your car speed. Don’t bring a short car, because it might hit your bottom car.

After you enter the Dusun Bambu area, you must pay 10.000 for car parking, and 10.000 per persons. After you park your car, go to the lobby and wait the shuttle car to carry you up to the center of Dusun Bambu.


First, I go to Sampan Sangkuriang – lake half circled with gazebos. You can reserve the gazebos with minimum 5persons. My fav part, was took a sampan in the lake.

10K IDR to rent the sampan


Finish with the sampan and took a zellion selfies in the lake, go to birdnest – the flying gazebos designed look a like bird nest. Here also you have to minimum 5-6 persons to reserve.




Around the birdnest, you can find the bike hire – if you want to biking around dusun bambu, the play park for children, and also food market. Lots of traditional food such as arumanis, pem pek palembang, kerak telor, soto ayam, tahu gejrot, es lilin, etc sold here.

After enjoyed 2 portions of tahu gejrot I decided to play some games near the lavender field. There are paintball, segway, mini archery, and many more.


The last but the most important things to do while you’re in Dusun Bambu, is enjoying the restaurant. Choose the sofabed, because that is the best spot to enjoy your meal while you have a perfect view of lake, gazebos, and park.
They don’t have much varieties of F&B in here. Only juices, snacks (fried banana and tofu), and some traditional foods. You can buy a juice around 25.000 rupiah, and snack for 35.0000 rupiah.



Tips for you, arrange the time so you can arrive in Dusun Bambu by 15.00. And leave by 18.00.

Enjoy your leisure time !


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