Bored with your daily food? Try Greece food !

Like one and another weekends, mostly people do something beyond their routines. So did I.
In last saturday morning I decided to take regular run in Sumantri stadium – Rasuna Said area. Like no other days, the sun is friendly and not many cars down the road.

Cooling down my self I decide to fulfilled my dragon stomach needs, which is FOOD. Regarding my calories that I burnt in exercise, I give it a shot for clean eating.
Walking around the Setiabudi building, I saw EL – GRECO the greek restaurant and I stopped by.

The place is nice – though it’s not so big area. The decoration is quite greek represent greek atmosphere. The vines along the roof, the white and blue dominant color, and also the tree trunk in the middle of the restaurant is such a nice surround for the weekend.


the restaurant decorations

the restaurant decorations

image (4)

love the fines and the lamp ornament !


super comfy !

Look at the menu, I choose tuna salad, orange juice, and food that sort of bread with yoghurt sauce ( I can’t remember the name). While waiting the food to came, music and the books can entertain you.
A guy dressed a chef and I guess he is the owner, delivered the food and explained one by one about the food. He’s very nice and friendly to all of the guests. This remind me of books which said that greek people are so nice and friendly.

image (2)

tuna salad

left : garden salad right : bread with yoghurt sauce

left : garden salad
right : bread with yoghurt sauce

The food was amazing !. It was fresh, yummy, not fishy, and served good in portion. My accident stop brings the new experience of food. I think you should do a whole new activities in weekend to broaden your eyes about anythings new. Such as this greek food.

hi novita !

hi novita !

Good food, good friends, good talk, comes good life 🙂


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