Cafe for the Bikers !

Hai peeps!

Started from months ago, i am extending my life from working life. I do feel that i was really get into my job too deep (which not so good for my character). I became fragile, stressful, lonely, and of course i was not be able to manage my expectation (in working life). I feel like a company slave when my 24 hours / 7 days are used by office.

I tried to met my old friends, hang out with them, joint new communities, and do something new. One of the something new to do is MAKE CLASS.

I do have strong relationship with make up tutorials video on youtube. So i decided why not try make up class?

I joint make up class from MAKE OVER, one of indonesian make up brand.

I thing the make up class was really cool. (This is my first make up class that i ever join!). By IDR 150.000 i got :
– 3 colors eye shadow
– facial mint clay mask
– IDR 50.000 MAKE OVER Voucher
– Photo
– And certificate.

For those who interested, stalk their instagram : MAKEOVERID. Despite special make up class in certain occasions, they also have bi weekly make up class that you can join.


The class held in one of cafe in Dharmawangsa area, named BEECY BIKES&BEANS.

The cafe is located in Dharmawangsa Raya street 10, right next to Snapy Dharmawangsa. Unique things about this cafe is… this is not only a coffee shop. The place has bike theme, and of course bike repair and service.


The interior is mostly by wood, and the decoration 90% are bikes. Those who love bike must be easy to recognize those kind of bikes on the coffee shop. They have fixie bikes hanging on the wall, brompton, and other kinds of bicycle.












What i love about this cafe also, they have wall gravity about bike and coffee. Nice !!






For those who doesn’t know, fixie bike is that has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism. The freewheel was developed early in the history of bicycle design but the fixed-gear bicycle remained the standard track racing design. Recently the “fixie” has become a popular alternative among mainly urban cyclists, offering the advantages of simplicity compared with the standard multi-geared bicycle.

I had ever had 1 in my college life, and yes i made by myself from scratch.. Wait wait wait !!!!!!!!!! I’m not a pro, i was a girl who attracted to what was trending and followed it. Hehehehe….



Saya dan fixie saya (Jaya pada masanya)

Saya dan fixie saya
(Jaya pada masanya)

In other hand, brompton bike is folding bicycle models share the same curved frame, consisting of a hinged main tube, pivoting rear triangle, fork, and hinged handle-bar stem. The main tube and stem are made of steel in all models. (i learnt this from internet too!).
During riding, the rear triangle rests on a rubber spring to provide suspension between the rear wheel and the main frame supporting the rider.







Interesting isn’t it?
Back to the cafe, what you can order are all up to IDR 50.000. I ordered green tea latte and it was amazing!. They beat starb*cks with theirs!!!!!!.
Here’s are the menu :


For you who are now join in bike club, or interested in bicycle or even wants to repair your bike, you should give it a shot.
They always do gowess (biking together among members) in every Wednesday start in 11 pm start from BEECY BIKES&BEANS. (IT’S SO LATE!!. the girls must be slept already 😦 !!)

For more detail, visit the coffee shop and join the club!!


Happy blogging people ! πŸ™‚


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