National Football Museum in Manchester

Anyone loves or crazy about football?
Anyone loves Barclays Premiere League?

Most of the guys always say YES when it comes to football.
Girls? We do also love football right ? Especially when it comes to cool hot players 🙂

Few time ago i got a chance to stop by to Football National Museum in Britain – Manchester.
Same like other museums, this museum free entry. (This is what i love the most in UK!)

As you may know, the UK people are really crazy about the football. Every time their favorite clubs are having the match, they watch it very passionately. Once, I watched the match in one of bar in London, and people there were screaming, yelling, and dancing if the striker made a goal. So I’m not so surprise when they have this museum and run it very smoothly and well maintain.

Located in Todd Street, this modern museum is 10 minutes walking from Manchester Wheel. Opens Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00. This building has Ground Level – First Floor – Second – Third and Fourth floor.


National Football Museum, Manchester

When you pass the entrance you can buy the guide and the mini book about the national football (only for £ 1). Great if you can buy and support them to run the museum.

Exactly behind the entrance, you will see the outstanding FA trophy is guarded by the staffs. You can get your hands on it and take pictures of course. They also have FA Cup background so you can feel like you’re in FA Cup.

This Ground section, you can see the hall of fame of all the players that phenomenal in their actions. This hall of fame is divided into some categories, they are manager, female football player, and etc. The hall of fame aims to celebrate and highlight the achievements of the all-time top English footballing talents, as well as non-English players and managers who have become significant figures in the history of the English game. They show you the players by the wall and they have running screen with players name as well as the back sound of people are cheering and supporting the team – feel like in wembley stadium.

museum football 2


museum football 1

Move to the first floor – you will find mini cinema that plays special 20 minutes movie about England’s football history and current. They called is : Our Beautiful Game. Plays in every hour, the room capacity is 25 – 30 persons. I really recommend you guys to watch the film from the beginning untill the end. From this short movie i finally understand (a bit) about UK Football and why they made football as their second religion.

museum football 13

The second floor – is discovery zone. The museum provides tools and play area for 5+ years old. They can learn football vocabulary, they can learn how to kick a ball and how to be a good goal keeper. (If I were 5 years old, I already jumped to the play arena :p ). In this level they have soft play area, changing room, story telling corner, superb lighting and sound that can transport young children deeper into their football mind.

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 10.44.30 PM



The third floor – They have exhibition about football and the first war world. They tell stories about myth, tragedy (such as FA cup winner died one day after they got the cup), conflicts, and how they play in their hometown.They have dedicated corner to tell the munich disaster that happened to one of the famous club, Manchester United. You can watch the clips from media at that time, list of victims names, and how the airplane was crushed.

museum football 14


museum football 24

Those are the specific about each level in the building. Beside the specific one, they have sooooo many collection that you have to discover one by one. Such as clothing differences from time to time, how the shape of the ball changing from decades. I noticed that in the very beginning, the ball was not really round. And the material was not waterproof. So when it was rain, former players were having difficulties to dribbling even kicking the ball.

museum football 9

museum football 21

museum football 7

museum football 19

They also have collection of football club badges from time to time. Even those clubs majority are no longer exist. (Or maybe just me which doesn’t know :p ). List of top strikers and top managers in every decades. And Badges & Pins from BPL winners.

museum football 21


museum football 20


museum football 18

museum football 16

They have best managers cup from 20 years ago. You can see that Sir Alex Ferguson won 4 times the best manager and some other managers that i didn’t aware of :p.

museum football 10

museum football 8

museum football 17


museum football 11

Things that i just found out, they even have special cup for women football players. The colors are really pretty !!

museum football 4

Other things, beside achievement and history, the museum also have collection about the superstar in football players. Pele and every achievements and films about him, David Beckham and his marriage with Victoria Beckham. The last thing that i learned from my visit time to the museum, I know how media expose every single matches, how they failure are being headline news in every single newspaper, and how was it impact the mental of the players.

museum football 3

museum football 5

museum football 22


museum football 15

museum football 6

museum football 25

It was pleasure to visit the museum and learned about the UK Football. The best nation is the one who appreciate every single athletes that fight for nation pride. I hope Indonesia’s football can be better in the future and the government can support them. For football lovers, you must be mad with me because i don’t master (even aware) of any names and history of England football. But don’t worry ! This visit to the museum made me interested to England’s football. For sure will learn about it !

Happy blogging !



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