Pleasure to Meet All the Bloggers in First Meet Up BEC

Hai people,

This is actually very late post to talk about First Meet Up BEC (Blog English Club). But still, late is better than never right?

As I told you before in my previous post, I joined very awesome english blogger club named BEC – Blog English Club. As the new member, I was dying to join the First Meet Up of BEC last Saturday, 28th February 2015.

Placed in library of education ministry in Senayan, the event started in 11 am – 14.00. Even though this is just the meet up, my heart was beating so hard because I was sooo nervous. (This is my first blogger community that I had ever join in my life!)

Overall I could say the event was fantastic !. The BEC admin : Mas Rian, Mba Nita, Mba Deva, dan Mas Dani successfully run the event smoothly.

When I came to register my name, they gave me name label so everyone can recognize one each other. After got the label, I just realize that they provided us food !!.




The event was opened by Mas Rian and Mba Nita’s speech about how they finally made the community and BEC facts. (I just found out that Mba Nita is a dentist :p)

Nita, as one of the BEC admins gave the speech

Nita, as one of the BEC admins gave the speech


As the 1st speaker, Salsabeela or Mba Ollie from and the founder of Nulis Buku shared her experience in blogging in English. At the very first time she started her blog, she wrote in Bahasa Indonesia. Then in 2011 she started to wrote in English.

Salsabeela or Mba Ollie

Salsabeela or Mba Ollie


Mba Ollie and Mba Deva

Mba Ollie and Mba Deva

The reason why she started using English in her blog, because she want to speak up about muslim women and their daily activity in to the world. The world never know the muslim daily activity because nothing is in English. And from that simple idea, she can actually speak up about how to boost the power in every single women in the world. Sooo inspiring !. Great opportunity I can met her.

She shared to us how to keep writing in English. These are some of the tips that I found really helpful :

Use mind map
When you write about something, there must be lots of facts in the story. The best way to keep your writing is structural is by doing mind mapping. Never ever leave your note and your pen.

example of mind map

example of mind map


Set your deadline
Which one of you that have some drafts in your blog but you never post it ??? (ME ! ME !). Mba Ollie shard that once you write the blog then you edit some of your mistakes or do grammar check , JUST POST IT. Never been afraid of your writing quality. You’re great because you keep practicing. And if you postpone your writing, maybe some people will lose chance to get inspiration and important messages from you?.



Write first Grammar Later
This is true. Many of you feel not confident about your grammar, vocabulary or other english rules. Just stop worrying!. The reason why you write is to communicate your thoughts and your message to other. So if you can explain it clearly, people might be not have big deal with grammar. If you really you want to post in Zero grammar mistake, I recommend you to ask help from your English master friend. She / He will correct your grammar and vocabulary, and maybe you can help them in other things πŸ™‚




In that event, we had a short session about listen a story then write it. The message is, we never trying to really listen to people’s story until the end, get the ideas and the messages then you write it.

bec meet up 9 fajar

Mba Fajar read her writing from short interview




Me and Mba Deva were really serious did the writing


Quote that I got from Mba Ollie in that day :

“Fake it till you make it”

Feel like you’re PRO, and write your blog professionally. Someday, you’ll the true PRO.


“The way you do your writing is the way you do your life”

This is incredibility true. If you do your writing well and professionally, it presents the way you do your life. For me, this is a hard slap in my face πŸ™‚


Other great tips and quotes, please refer to BEC post in this link.

2nd speaker was Mas Wawan from Dokter WP. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and the session was about online business. He shared the necessity to protect our website and explaining some kinds of hackers, and how to secure our blog. (This is new world for me. So when I listed to this presentation, I opened my mouth widely open).

Oh, other great thing about this first meet up is, this event was live broadcast by IdCaster. so every members in other cities can still feel how was the event. Even though there were tiny tiny tiny problems during the live streaming, IdCaster did an awesome job connecting us, all members together.

bec meet up 7


Thank you so much for your support IdCaster team, and as promised by them, the offline video are ready on their web. You can access it on their website about BEC Meet Up.

me and the girls

me and the girls


bec meet up 2

I feel soo happy that I can meet all the bloggers and learn from them. I’m waiting for the next events !!!

Keep blogging peeps !


9 responses to “Pleasure to Meet All the Bloggers in First Meet Up BEC

  1. I’ve read it last night but didn’t comment. Really was fun meet up with you all.

    Btw, I’ve change the name in BEC post. So sorry. Still mixed up with all the names.

    And actually who opened the meet up is Dani. Not me.

    • Hahahahaha. So true and agree with you on that.
      Kalau dulu mah diriku jauh lebih parah. Hahaha. Yang komen sblm canda doang kok.

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