Let’s Eat in Cirebon !

Hi people ! I’m baaaack !!!!

Before I told you my culinary journey in Cirebon, first let me share unpleasure moment in my life that just happened.  After I came back from my trip to Cirebon, I had busy week in my office. Monday – Friday I worked as usual. After finish with work, I attended the IELTS class (twice a week). For me thus is normal week in March – May. But my body said different. I had bad fever for two days. The second day it was getting worse and my body started trembling. One of my friend took me to emergency room in one of the hospitals in Kuningan. Doctor checked my temperature and voila ! I had 39.5 celsius degree. They took my blood sample to be checked and while i was waiting for the result, they gave me an infusion and injected me with a bottle of paracetamol.

I told to my self i will not inpatient in hospital again. I swear to God at that time my heart was beating hard but couldn’t do anything. When the result came, all the blood status are normal except leucocyte slightly under the normal range. It was strange but I relieved. Doctor told me that i had respiratory inflammation caused by virus. I asked the hospital to go home and they gave me the medicines. I feel better now but still i have no power to be back to the office and do the routine.

Lesson for me, I won’t share food or drink with others especially those who are sick. Also, the high fever can be caused by the lack of sleep and decrease in immune. Sooo, let’s be healthy so we can be happy !.

The groundwork of happiness is good health

– Leigh Hunt

Okay, move on to the exciting journey, I had incredible tummy journey in Cirebon. I f you’re getting bored or tired of your routine weekend, why not doing something unique in this weekend ?. Let’s go to Cirebon and do the culinary trip!.

From Jakarta / Bandung, you can go by train for 2 hours or 4 – 5 hours by car. Me and my friends went by economic train from Jakarta (Senin station) to Cirebon perujakan station. We spend IDR 65k for the ticket. I managed to try several well known and tasty food from Cirebon. Here they are :

1. Nasi Jamblang – Jamblang rice

Not sure why this dish named Jamblang rice, because I can’t find any Jamblang fruit in there. We went to one of the famous warung for Jamblang rice, Nasi Jamblang Mang Dul, Bahagia Street branch. The rice was wrapped by leek leaf. After you take the rice, you can choose the side dish anything you like. I picked perkedel (potato), crispy tempe, and fried tofu. Then, I poured the sweet spicy sauce to the whole rice. It was Y U M M Y.  I spend IDR 14k include ice tea. Worth to try !

My Nasi Jamblang

My Nasi Jamblang

Side dish options

Side dish options – fried eggs and cob fish

another options of side dish

another options of side dish

Sweet spicy tofu sauce

Sweet spicy tofu sauce

2. Lengko rice – Nasi Lengko

Both Jamblang and Lengko are typical food from Cirebon that you HAVE to taste. Lengko rice is pretty simple actually. It consists of rice, tofu, tempe, bean sprout, and leek. When you eat this, make sure you mix the rice with the sauce. The sauce may look like so spicy, but not at all. It contains of peanut and sweet ketchup. This Nasi Lengko warung is located in Bahagia Street, about 5 minutes walking from Nasi Jamblang Mang Dul warung. Another dish in this warung is goat satay. Here in Cirebon, you can find they provide the grease of the goat. For 1 portion of Lengko Rice and 1 portion of satay (5 skewers), the total is IDR 25 K.

2015-03-07 12.06.17

2015-03-07 12.11.38

3. Empal Gentong vs Empal Asem

These famous empal (beef) dishes can meet your taste. If you like coconut milk and something savory and tasteful you have to try Empal Gentong. And in other hand if you prefer something light and fresh, you should try Empal Asem. Empal Asem is likely Betawi Soup because the light season and fresh tomato. One of the famous place to eat these two dish is EMPAL GENTONG HAJI APUD. Located near Trusmi batik centre. Here, they provide ice coconut water (fresh from the shell) and of course Goat Satay. (Why so many goat satay in Cirebon????) For 1 person, estimate to spend here is about IDR 50K.

Empal Gentong - with coconut milk

Empal Gentong – with coconut milk

Empal Asem - The light version one. I LOVE THIS !

Empal Asem – The light version one.

Goat satay (again????)

Goat satay (again????)

4. Klapa Manis

Done with warung and semi restaurant in Cirebon, we tried the uphill restaurant in Cirebon, Kelapa Manis. It’s about 30 mins by car from city centre. The restaurant claim in their logo ‘Best view in Cirebon‘. And it’s true !!! the view is amazing.

Apart from the beautiful view, The restaurant has 5 levels and all the levels are using java traditional theme. I really love love love the place, the furniture, the amazing view, and the sound of nature. LOVE !!

The food itself is Sunda food, so typically spicy and savory. You can order from the snack, Tahu Gejrot, Kangkung Plecing (morning glory with spicy sauce), prawn, chicken and other yummy food. For drink, we ordered tea in teapot (Teh Poci) and fresh coconut in shell. The price range itself start from 5000 – 65.000.  They have proper place to pray (shalat) and they provide clean mukena, and Al-Qur’an as well! wow.



2015-03-08 13.43.15

2015-03-08 13.55.13

outdoor area

2015-03-08 14.02.19

2015-03-08 14.02.50

2015-03-08 14.03.05

my friend looks soooooo happy 😀

Food Menu and Price Range

Food Menu and Price Range

2015-03-08 13.45.40

Beverage and dessert price range



2015-03-08 14.12.05

The sambal is amaxingly fresh!! (and spicy of course)

2015-03-08 14.07.54

2015-03-08 14.07.43

pleasure day !!

My dad said, if you want to get to know the culture, first you have to get a long with the food.

Aaanndd.. i think really get along with the food. 🙂

Go to somewhere new and happy blogging friends 🙂

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  1. wooohhoo I have a plan to visit Cirebon next month and friend of mine who actually local resident, will show me the best Cirebon’s street food.. awww I really can’t wait to try Nasi Jamblang and Empal Gentong 🙂

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