What do Indonesian eat for iftar?

Ramadan – time for moslems around the world to do fasting. Moslems do 30 days of fasting. Then to celebrate end of Ramadan, we have ied day – when family gather together and do the holy shalat and silaturrahim (connect ukhuwah kinship between us all long)

Indonesia, we do fasting for 14 hours each day. Start with sahoor (3 – 4.30 am) and end with iftar (6 pm). To break the fasting (Iftar), Indonesian has some typical dishes. What are they ?

1. Coconut water

is a beverage made from chilled or iced coconut water, young coconut flesh and syrup. It is among favourite beverage in Indonesia. Es kelapa muda is included in the world’s 50 most delicious drinks according to CNN on December 9, 2011, ranking 19th. Some of them like to mix it with coconut sugar and ice. Some other like to mix it with syrup and other fruits pieces. Some of them like it drink it plain. The coconut water ion is believed to be a substitute for the body and relieving thirst. Her coconut meat can also be used as an appetizer snack iftar. Most favourite coconut are green coconut and young coconut. They tend to have more fresh water and sweeter taste of the meat.

coconut water

coconut water


2. Ice fruits cocktail

Indonesian iced fruit cocktail dessert. This cold and sweet beverage is made of diced fruits, such as honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, papaya, squash, jackfruit and kolang kaling (Arenga pinnata fruit), mixed with shaved ice or ice cubes, and sweetened with liquid sugar or syrup. (Sometimes milk also).


es buah


3. Kolak / Kolek

an Indonesian dessert made with palm sugar or coconut sugar and coconut milk, with pandanus leaf to added aroma. There are many kinds of them. Banana, yellow squash, or even seed bark compote (made from porridge and formed round thick porridge).

left : fruit punch right : kolak / kopek

left : fruit punch
right : seed bark kolak

banana kolek

banana kolek


4. Any kind of porridge (Gruel, pearl, green soya and etc.)

The breaking time is also means maghreb shalat call. They usually eating snacks / drinks, having shalat margib and continue with the main course. Porridge also one of favourite because they can eat it first as semi snack, do shalat then take a break before having main dish. Porridge is quite light and also sweet ( from the coconut sugar). There are many kinds of them. Green Soya porridge – usually mixed with black sticky rice and coconut water. Or, gruel – usually mixed with brown watery sugar.

green soya porridge

green soya porridge




5. Fried Snacks (Everyone’s favorite !)

They called it gorengan. They fried tofu, tempe (we called it mendoan), banana, corn, carrots and cabbage. You can find everywhere on the street food. Indonesian likes crunchy and fried food. They like eat it plain or they add peanut and chill sauce into it. Of course, eat these too much will effect bad throat or even flu. So, if you wanna try i suggest prepare your tissue to get rid the oil and take maximum 2 so your lips don’t feel too oily after. However, it taste AMAZING! :p

fried tofu - wrapped with flour and stuffed with veggies

fried tofu – wrapped with flour and stuffed with veggies

bakwan - mixture of flour, carrot, and cabbage

bakwan – mixture of flour, carrot, and cabbage


6. Rice Cake (stuffed with veggies, soybean, or beef)

Lontong, or rice cake – wrapped with banana leaf and stuffed with beef / veggies / potato / soybean (oncom) / chicken. How to eat it? Open the tie and mixed it with the peanut child sauce. (I just realise that Indonesian like peanut so much!). Or, you can eat it plain with cayenne pepper. (more healthy, but more chill ! :p )

rice cake stuffed chicken / veggies / soybeans with peanut sauce

rice cake stuffed chicken / veggies / soybeans with peanut sauce

7. Sticky Rice (ketan)
This one is my favourite. Sticky rice usually being ate with coconut shredded and or coconut brown sugar. People usually eat it for breakfast. However, it can be used for iftar.

sticky rice

sticky rice

My old time favourite also was fruit punch made by my mom. It was not too sour and not too sweet as well. Since I move out, I haven’t find anything better yet. I love Kolak / Kolek, especially the banana and seed bark. What’s your favourite dish? Tell me  and i will update it (with picture also). There are zillion iftar dishes out there !

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