How do you enjoy your stuck moment ?

Heellllaaaaa I’m back for the hibernate mode!. Maafkan ketidak konsistensian Dewanda. Jadi, summary of these vacum months, I’ve changed my job and my place to live. Wider, sweeter and cheaper place to live (praise the Lord!).

My current job requires me to travel to the universities in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Tangerang Bekasi). For person that only sat behind the desk for the last 2 years, the changing is dragging my energy. I could spent the 2.5 hours just from South (TB Simatupang) to West of Jakarta (Kebon Jeruk) and another 2 hours for the reverse way. The worst traffic that I ever felt was 3.5 hours from Karawaci to South Jakarta. The fastest way that I can hit my pedal was 30km/hr.

It was craaaazyy (Olaf’s tone).

The first 2 weeks, I almost gave up. Always alone and lonely on the street, nothing to do on my way, and exhaust when I arrived home. Creid many to my dad (oh yes Imma dady’s girl), but one day he told me that : “Those things that you complain, was things that you signed up for life”. BANGGG!! He brings me to the ground. But however since he’s right, I learned to enjoy the traffic. After all these time, here’s things that I most enjoy to do while in bloody traffic jam :

  1. Call my lil brothers

Having 2 super little brother (4 years and 2 years old) really made my day sometimes. They lived 450 kilometres away from me. I usually call them on after office traffic hour like 6 or 7 pm. The elder one has already talk fluently but poor vocabulary, the younger one is still learning to talk. Their excitement and their voice really wipe my bad mood. You can call whoever you want to cheer you up. To have a call with person you want, here’s that I suggest you to install in your car :

  • Phone holder
  • Handsfree bluetooth
  • Make sure you set the bluetooth right after you enter your car. So whenever you want to call and people call you, you’ll be ready
  • Put you loved persons in speed dials on favorite contacts, so you won’t need to scroll down your contact.
  • PS : Save the emergency number as well like tow car or police number in case of emergency.
My Lil Bros

My Lil Bros

  1. Street Karaoke

Everyone’s favorite!. I have 1 flashdisk contain 150 mood booster songs in decade. You name it Queen, OASIS, ABBA, Reza Artamefia, ArianaGrande, Pitbull, Kygo, and etc. I only play those songs ONLY in emergency case. Why? I’m afraid that I will get bored and not love them as I do now anymore. Remember! Don’t be shy!. Make sure you’re not only sing by your mouth, but also with your body. Move your head, hands and don’t forget the expression!. You never know who will look at you through your transparent film glass :p



  1. Online Shopping!!!! (my favorite)

You may have known that the ecommerce shopping portal now expand their market by creating the smartphone app. However, some of them may have easier design to explore. Why easy access is important for me, because most of the time when I do the online shopping is on the street. I don’t want focus too long to explore the menu since I have to focus on the street even when it’s heavy traffic. One of the app that I love the most is ZALORA. Simple design, easy to explore, and of course love the collection!. In this ZALORA Mobile Apps , I can easily scrolling down to see if there’s something cute on their collection. Put on my card and pay by cash on delivery!. REMEMBER : If you’re driving, you may ONLY do the online shopping IF the traffic jam is stuck. Super stuck. Don’t risk yourself while driving and online shopping.

Download ZALORA App Now! with link and let me know hoe you think about it!




Those are my top three things to do while in traffic jam. However, you know that you have to put your safety first. Means, that you can only do these while you really stuck on the street. Put your hand break on to make sure that your care is move backward. Do you have other interest things to do when in traffic?. Share it to me!.

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